Sonic Wombat song roxx

2012-07-25 16:51:11 by Poniiboi

Time to be unselfish, because I'm just an angel in disguise and I'm better than everyone.

No really, this Sonic Wombat song should be front page. It's sweet and funny and real all at the same time.

So while you're waiting on my new mixtape, "My Life Suxx and I'm Havin a Party," (still goin for August 1st! *cross fingers*) and you download my old one "Theresa," CLICK RIGHT HERE, DUMBASS (like the Facebook page, plz), you have to listen to this song, share it, make it popular, cuz it's awesome. No, he didn't pay me to say that. I'm not like you. I do unselfish things of my own accord, because I don't have to be part of somebody's fucking WoW guild to do something nice for them, you selfish bitch.

I Hate You by Sonic Wombat


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2012-07-25 20:13:53



2012-07-25 20:14:30

Those were suppose to be hearts. I don't... what is this...

Poniiboi responds:

You gave me ATMs, which is better. I'll take the money, no prob!


2012-07-26 17:03:21

August second bish