Newgrounds Down Tmrw

2012-07-31 19:53:46 by Poniiboi

Tom just announced that Newgrounds will be down tomorrow, so the release of the first single from the new SJD mixtape will obviously be pushed back on this site.

"My Life Suxx and I'm Havin a Party" IS DONE, and will go up a little later because of this. Stay tuned.


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2012-07-31 19:55:57

lies all lies

Poniiboi responds:

How I wish it were.


2012-07-31 20:24:26

maybe he can fix the bugs while he is doing whatever


2012-07-31 20:27:43

But then i have to do stuff


2012-07-31 20:31:38

really??? ....

Poniiboi responds:

yeah really. chk the frontpage.


2012-07-31 20:47:57

Nooooooo I need my mixtape fix!!!

Poniiboi responds:

August 3rd, my friend! Did you see the comments I left on ur songs? Your music is too good to be here...why are u even on NG?!?


2012-07-31 21:21:30

Crap! Well I hope you finish up your new song when Newgrounds is ready.

Poniiboi responds:

It's done. I just wanna make sure it's not caught up in some error so I'm pushin it back.


2012-07-31 23:13:36

That's unfortunate. I didn't know that you were releasing something though. How can I follow you can keep up to date with this stuff?

Poniiboi responds:

Like the page ic


2012-08-03 14:23:03

Where did the girls with the pole go? I miss the boobies.


2012-08-03 18:44:44

Yo- WHERE IN THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN? I know you're working on an album but that is no excuse for leaving me to run our shit talk thread alone... And yes Clabtrappers- I run this bitch.


2012-08-04 03:39:54

You don't run shit, you dildo!! .........(to the guy below me)