omg dubstep

2012-08-29 05:50:14 by Poniiboi

New song Renegade [NG Cut] is up.

It's just a sample. IF YOU WANT THE WHOLE THING, GO TO 91127385


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2012-08-29 05:51:09

I took less than 45 seconds for the song to get 0 bombed. Silly, silly people. Don't you know it doesn't matter how much you hate? LMAO


2012-08-29 06:45:31

Well, you did a awesome job on your new audio. :D

Poniiboi responds:

Thanks! Like the Facebook page to get the whole thing ic


2012-08-29 18:22:40

Cant wait


2012-08-29 19:57:01

I see you wrote you were depressed, i hope everything works out for you hun, whats that saying "There is always a rainbow after every storm" I hope you sine bright after this. XD


2012-08-29 22:50:51

You gotta arange something with Tom! Like on your next song, do a trap 0-bomb button which change the profile image to a troll face, and make a frontpage post that says "HURR DURR JUST 0-BOMB SOME SHIT TROLOLOLOL!!"

Poniiboi responds:

Tom is pretty cool; I bet he'd go for it.


2012-08-30 22:55:34

Your fans are minesweepers
We disarm 0-bombs

Poniiboi responds:

fuck 0 bombers!


2012-08-31 10:45:40

Did you have a girl in there cuz im pretty wure i heard one

Poniiboi responds:

Yea, the song is a remix.


2012-08-31 18:25:13

I'm gonna copy every aspect of your style and rebrand it. HIPSTEP IS THE FUTURE!!!!!

Poniiboi responds:

I know!!


2012-08-31 22:39:44

I am a terrorist.

Poniiboi responds:

AHA!! I knew it!