Entry #125

Sending my Tumblr admin to ULTRA

2013-01-22 09:04:34 by Poniiboi

My Tumblr admin Summer got me like a million subs (500 subs) in like 2 days just from emailing people like a beast. I didn't ask her to do it; she just did it. And she's still promoting me.

Well, I was going to ULTRA, but I decided to give her my ticket for two reasons:

1. Now that she's given me people to actually listen to my stuff, I need to make more of it, and
2. She totally deserves to go.

In other news, I now have my new computer, but because of the damn switch from PCI to PCIe I have to get a totally new fucking sound card. So that's gonna be another day or two until I can actually start making music and smash my old computer.

*sigh* Always something. Whatever. It won't be long...I'm going to make it worth the wait for whoever is listening.

Sub to my Youtube channel by clicking here because I'm still coming out with a new mix every Friday (3 new ones up right now)


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2013-01-22 16:40:05

if i make a youtube and sub to you do i get an ultra ticket?

Poniiboi responds:

If you get me 500 subscribers, sure. Better hurry up. ultra starts in like 2 months LOL