Entry #138

New song, new game, no April Fools

2013-04-02 00:29:22 by Poniiboi

Nobody has time to play fuckin April Fool's jokes.

New song out, first single from Poniiboi debut dubstep project "The Outsider."
Her Eyes are Green Too

I also voice Broballs 2 for Nolax, which was fun as...well, balls. Have a blast on that ass as well.
Broballs 2

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This will be a new era of productivity, so stay tuned. My musicality has improved (at least in my own estimation) and EDM nuts will definitely get their fix here.

- Poniiboi rulez, SJD is a legend -


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2013-04-03 23:57:00

Stay golden, Poniiboi! Stayyyy gollldennnn.

Poniiboi responds:

I will if you get back to making music.


2013-04-04 03:14:53

Once I pay off my med. bills, I can start saving up for a new comp. Not composing for half a year has been killing me, blah.

Poniiboi responds:

I told you doin all that crack was going to make you sick, but no, you just wanted to do YOUR thing. Listen to me next time.


2013-04-04 03:44:19

Butt I love crack... and crack loves me. Noboday else likes little Ashlay.

(Updated ) Poniiboi responds:

I would hug you, but I don't like you either. Want some crack?


2013-04-04 04:14:20

I would very much like... some more... *Evil Bilbo look*

Poniiboi responds:

You stay up too late; that's why you're sick. I want another drawing and that's final.