Entry #139

EDC Vegas, next song

2013-04-04 07:28:27 by Poniiboi

Anybody going to EDC Vegas let me know cuz I'm going. We could party together. I'm getting VIP tickets so get ur money up. Bring Molly.

Teeing up the next single. Two weeks. I might make a video for Her Eyes Are Green Too if I can find a girl in my town to do it (psh whatever...boring Bible belt bitches).

Sub to my Youtube, yo. Before I drop the next single for the Outsiders I'm gonna do a dubstep mix or two featuring Newgrounds artists.


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2013-04-04 13:49:23

Need a haircut greaser?

Poniiboi responds:

How does that offend me and I'm not even white? LMAO