Entry #140

EDC Vegas!!

2013-04-06 12:09:58 by Poniiboi

Anybody going to EDC Vegas let me know cuz I'm going.

Her Eyes Are Green Too is the new NG song. Dubstep/house hybrid. First single from my dubstep project "The Outsider" which will be available on iTunes in the near future.

Sub to my Youtube, yo. Before I drop the next single for the Outsiders I'm gonna do a dubstep mix or two featuring Newgrounds artists.


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2013-04-06 13:59:41

I am... not going. :/ Have fun!

(Updated ) Poniiboi responds:

Well, sub to my Youtube channel. I'll have video of it!
http://youtube.com/subscription_c enter?add_user=poniiboi