Entry #199

I continue to thrive amidst the forces of evil (faggy BBS mods)

2014-07-28 04:37:40 by Poniiboi

How does it feel to know that you cannot moderate a successful life, you pieces of faggy shit? AHAHAHAHAHA

Florida felt the wrath of the Ponii's music and great after party times were had. If you hear of the Ponii coming to your town, you would do well to find yourself at that show. Guys, you will get laid. Girls, you might get laid by the Ponii himself!!





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2014-07-28 04:38:50

Oh yeah, and all you people who said don't email you, I'll be emailing you when my new song comes out. So yeah. XD XD XD


2014-07-28 08:06:25

Are you 11?

Poniiboi responds:



2014-07-28 10:23:12

"faggy BBS mods"

Maybe if you dropped your childish attitude, people would show more respect, until then, you're nothing more than a kid in a grown man's body who doesn't know what to do with their life. In all honest I'm lesbian and could care less about that first like, pretty sure it's to time hang the towel up on your wrongful childish grudge. You're still butthurt 2 years after you kept getting banned from Politics for FAILING TO DO RESEARCH and insulting users. Get over yourself, you're 22, act like it.


2014-07-28 15:31:10

Was going to say something like SCTE3 said, but he already said it all.

Poniiboi responds:

Come get laid at a Poniishow and stop crying in your own tears


2014-07-29 13:08:59

If you had as much life as you claim to have - why the f*** bother posting this eternally self-pitying, attention whoring posts that only make you look like the sorry bastard you probably are?

Poniiboi responds:

Come get laid at a Poniishow and stop crying in your own tears


2014-07-29 15:26:20

In before "I thrive on the hate but can't comprehend it's people calling me out for being a selfish brat."

Poniiboi responds:

My penis will change your life.


2014-07-29 20:28:38

this is what autism looks like

Poniiboi responds:

Come get laid at a Poniishow and stop masturbating in your own tears


2014-07-30 11:28:05

Thanks for proving my point and no, I don't date losers such as you, what part of lesbian do you not get kid?

Poniiboi responds:

Date? I just said fuck. I'm not spending money on you.


2014-07-30 18:26:54

I'm beginning to suspect that you don't get laid as much as you say you do nor are you that popular. The main reason I can tell is that you're obsessed with what some online messaging board says about you and are butthurt that people keep banning you. If you actually had a life you would never visit the forum sections again and continue your life.

Just focus on your music, maybe you'll make it big and maybe by then you would have grown up and would've stopped caring what the internet said about you.

Poniiboi responds:

all of my fans are fake, my plays are bought, and i lie about everything. you caught me.

naa it's just i need an outlet for hate, so here it is, bitch. everybody has downtime. so i spend a few minutes trolling you morons. big deal...now go listen to the best music you'll ever hear



2014-08-06 21:32:35

Yet you have hacked on to everyone accounts on here and that includes YouTube and many other sites that did.

Poniiboi responds:

is that english you're talking or...


2014-08-16 23:13:12

Your still sending threats on here John.

Poniiboi responds:

"i'll beat you senseless" is not a threat cuz i'll actually do it.


2015-03-07 21:35:53

So I see that what ISIS is training is. All you do os mock and attack people on here.

Poniiboi responds:

And drop great songs. Don't forget the songs, you gay faggit http://soundcloud.com/poniiboi


2015-03-08 22:01:40

I'm str8 your a black hat hacker on NG threatening people on here.

Poniiboi responds:

You're gay I hacked your computer and got pics. Talk more shit and I post them.


2015-03-12 20:56:51

If you got my pics then how do I look like since I'm cam shy. I'm still str8 not gay,bi or les.

Poniiboi responds:

I'm not talking about your outer looks. Your inner looks are rotten and disgusting. I don't need a cam for that. But my Twitchcast will help you. http://twitch.tv/poniiboi