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Entry #138

New song, new game, no April Fools

4/2/13 by Poniiboi
Updated 4/2/13

Nobody has time to play fuckin April Fool's jokes.

New song out, first single from Poniiboi debut dubstep project "The Outsider."
Her Eyes are Green Too

I also voice Broballs 2 for Nolax, which was fun as...well, balls. Have a blast on that ass as well.
Broballs 2

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This will be a new era of productivity, so stay tuned. My musicality has improved (at least in my own estimation) and EDM nuts will definitely get their fix here.

- Poniiboi rulez, SJD is a legend -


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I would very much like... some more... *Evil Bilbo look*

4/4/13 Poniiboi responds:

You stay up too late; that's why you're sick. I want another drawing and that's final.

Butt I love crack... and crack loves me. Noboday else likes little Ashlay.

4/4/13 (Updated 4/4/13) Poniiboi responds:

I would hug you, but I don't like you either. Want some crack?

Once I pay off my med. bills, I can start saving up for a new comp. Not composing for half a year has been killing me, blah.

4/4/13 Poniiboi responds:

I told you doin all that crack was going to make you sick, but no, you just wanted to do YOUR thing. Listen to me next time.

Stay golden, Poniiboi! Stayyyy gollldennnn.

4/4/13 Poniiboi responds:

I will if you get back to making music.