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2017-02-14 13:57:30 by Poniiboi

Haters gon hate.

By the way, this site has been dead since I left it in the DUST.


2016-11-13 00:06:57 by Poniiboi


@LuckyLightTitan is a cancer on the site who admitted committing incest in my PMs. If you are connected to the police, give me a call so that we can turn this disgusting loser in to the law.

I played Superman 64

2016-08-16 13:44:40 by Poniiboi

it was best gayhm ever

No Man's Sky

2016-08-12 20:28:06 by Poniiboi

I went to every planet


2016-08-05 16:49:04 by Poniiboi


Have you ever been FLYBOARDING?

2016-07-19 19:07:17 by Poniiboi

Dude, no lie, they attach water jets to each foot, and you blast off behind a jetski while holding onto a line. It is SOOOO cool.

I love my life, dude. And this is just a Tuesday. :D

Multiplayer Zelda?

2016-06-25 14:40:04 by Poniiboi

Hmmmm....tell me more...

HAHA You'll never beat me

2016-06-22 12:14:45 by Poniiboi


I love

2016-06-19 20:09:38 by Poniiboi

...the ScepterDPinoy emoticons. That is all; thank you.