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Let's Not Forget the Biggest Terrorist Attack Ever

2016-06-13 08:28:02 by Poniiboi

All hearts go out to the people in Orlando, but this is hardly the biggest terrorist attack on American soil. That occurred in Tulsa, when the American government actually backed racist white people to drop dynamite on a prosperous black community known as Black Wall Street because they were jealous this community was able to build a life better than theirs only 30 years after slavery. Way more than 50 people died in that massacre, and everyone forgets about it. Maybe some of you never knew, because this is not talked about much. Oh well - I'm talking about it. 

Games, games, games

2016-06-09 12:50:11 by Poniiboi

I am starting on my journey to make my first (well, really third) game. My question is - how do you guys keep from isolating yourself while programming?

NOt interested in talking to people who spend all day inside on the Internet. I like people, and I want to achieve balance while making kickass games. So that kind of advice would be helpful. How do you maintain real world relationships while developing?

You Hoes Lost One

2016-06-06 06:20:05 by Poniiboi

I am done with the stupid, miserable hoes in America. Done. It's actually good, because I've been wanting to travel. Dude, I remember when I thought women had some kind of special "feminine intuition" and I actually thought that if a woman rejected me, it was because we wouldn't actually get along. I have only recently realized that bitches are just as dumb about men as men are about women, and actually, in America, I have a better power of discernment than most of them. You can't even message "hi" on Facebook without these hoes going nuts! It's hilarious!

I'll leave all of you hoes to your miserable feminism. I refuse to be unhappy with these bitches and kowtow to their ridiculous demands and preconcieved notions. I've got everything a chick would want, and I'm not talking just being a stable "good guy." I'm an adventure. I realize the most important thing a chick wants is an emotional ride. Having a stable profession is par for the course - my skill set doesn't stop there. I'm in excellent shape. Not good shape, excellent shape. I've got plenty of money. My house and car are paid off, and I've got investments. AND I'm not boring. I'm exciting with a personality. I have no desire to be a "good guy" or a boring nobody. I kick ass. I wear leather jackets. I talk shit. I beat guys up. I pull hair and spank ass and take no shit. And these girls don't even want that in America because they'd rather be miserable.

Cool. Fine with me. It's over; you lose. You lost one. Goodbye American hoes. Hello world! :D

How to Get a Girlfriend This Summer

2016-05-22 08:11:31 by Poniiboi

Realize that getting a girl, at least in modern America*, has nothing to do with love, or connection, or common interests. It's about game. It's about saying the right things and not saying the wrong things until she decides she likes you. Kind of like getting a perfect S rank on a video game or something.

The way to get a girlfriend this summer is to realize that girls are just a numbers game. You go up to every girl and start running through level 1. You'll die a few times, but you'll eventually learn the level and pass it. Then you go to level 2, 3, 4 and so on. How many levels do these bitches have? Who knows - but you beat the game when you get laid. Sooner or later, you will beat the game with so many hoes that you'll have all these New Game +'s to choose from, then you get to pick what game you want to play. That's how life works. Girls are not individual little flowers; they are just as simple minded as guys are, just in different ways.

You're going to die on level 1 the first girl you talk to, so don't let that stop you. You already know you're going to embarrass yourself, so just get it out of the way.

Good luck.

PS - Avoid feminists at all costs. They don't count. Just because something has tits doesn't make it female.

*I myself am getting my passport and expanding my options, but this advice is if you're broke.

I'm Doing Great, So

2016-05-03 13:53:37 by Poniiboi

...now all of you are allowed to do great. Proceed; you have my permission, plebians.

How Do You Know?

2016-02-15 04:42:33 by Poniiboi

How does one know what to fight for? Is a mandate given from on high or does one fight until one receives it? So many passionate people will never make a single dream come true. Is this a wasted life or a battle well fought?

You people are too stupid to understand. Don't answer.

Screw All of You

2015-10-22 18:08:29 by Poniiboi

Heed the title. I hope all of you fail in life.


2015-09-29 09:57:27 by Poniiboi

I realize now that the most important thing to have in this world is not skill, or looks, or even money. It's allies. I want to announce that I will be agreeing with many of your polarized viewpoints and stage one thinking not because I actually agree with it, but to get anywhere in this world I must pretend upon these thoughts until I gather enough people behind me to have some clout.

You can't do it

2015-09-26 17:50:34 by Poniiboi

Whatever it is that you are hoping to be, you will not accomplish it. Give it up now, because all you are doing is wasting time. The earlier that you learn this, the earlier that you can start drinking away any feeling that might cause you to commit a mass murder/suicide later on.

The game is rigged, and you cannot win. Just find yourself a slave job, keep your head low, and hope that no one sees you. Maybe if you're lucky you'll be able to save enough money for someone to clean your shit up for you when you die.

Maybe you can do it

2015-08-01 13:31:24 by Poniiboi

Maybe you can actually live the life that you want and you don't have to be a slave to everyone else's stupid, retarded whims. Perhaps God wants to give you an opportunity.