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Almost done with level 1.

2015-07-30 20:43:20 by Poniiboi

Making a game is a long but satisfying experience.


Not giving a crap about music seems to be working for me. Yesterday the Hoes on the Gram song was no 97 and today it is no 84. That is great, so I'll keep not giving a crap about EDM or trap or any of the idiots in that industry and then they will love me.

I stop giving a crap about music and that's when I break the top 100 on Beatport... wow. Also, my so called distribution company shut down so I can't even see how many records the damn thing sold. What a bunch of losers. That's what you get for trusting someone else with your stuff...I have to keep doing my thing tho. I'm still a game dev first and foremost now. I will make music when I feel like it, but I'm seriously trying to get into the gaming market. I have 3 games in production, one of which will definitely come out because I do not have to rely on an outside artist to do it.4045286_143733822311_data-image.png

Oh the flames, oh the hate

2015-07-16 10:38:31 by Poniiboi

I'll have none of it. I am putting games in production and I have no time for crap. Toodles!

Up Tonight Doing a Game

2015-07-02 00:13:29 by Poniiboi

Oh yaeh!

3 Best Ways to...

2015-06-29 15:28:56 by Poniiboi

please. Do you think I'm giving you TIPS or HACKS at life? I want you to stay poor and distraught.

Maybe I will do it when I get my front page post again in about a week. Check back.

No Matter What...

2015-06-24 12:25:27 by Poniiboi

Keep a good attitude.

from Poniiboi to Punaniboi OH YEAH XD XD XD D XD XD XD XD XD

I need to do programming study before tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to start working at the "day job" (it's not really a day job), but I want to get some work in before I have to make money again. Wish me luck. Or not, bitch.

My Productivity Today

2015-06-19 18:00:13 by Poniiboi

The most productive thing I did today was to write this post.

It's hot as balls.