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The work is everything.

I'm not even going to get into everything that is going through my head, because you people are too stupid to understand. All I know is that the work is everything. Everything else is nothing.

Getting the Job Done

2015-06-06 17:35:58 by Poniiboi

I am very glad to have found at least one artist that stays on their job even without me having to email them every 5 minutes. I can't wait to promote the work of this artist in the first Drunk Pony Studios game, and honestly, I believe this person will go on to a great career with this kind of work ethic.

None of my previous projects have been completed because I have not been able to find an artist that would go through the entire process with me. I can't draw and have no desire to learn, at least right now. It's still hilarious to me how many artists won't even respond professionally when I yell about getting paid.

Except for this guy. I hope that we finish this game, and I can help him in his career by doing my part to program a great game.

In my STILL untitled game (why can't I think of a title?) I have recently put up an asset list that character designers and animators can get paid off of right the fuck now.


If you are looking for a commission, lots of work, and you think you can match the art style shown here, then email me.4045286_143324951622_data-image.jpg

Good Games

2015-06-01 04:32:41 by Poniiboi

I'm going to be looking for games to sponsor even as I become a game dev. Drunk Pony Studios, awaaaaaaaaaaay!


Making this asset list is cool, because I get to literally create a world. The artists that are working with me are doing fantastic, and I can't wait to start marketing their work. I also want to go to cons and making games is a great excuse to do that. Maybe I'll meet Jessica Nigri and feel on her fake boobies or something.

I looked on the news posts of other Newgrounders that hate me and I saw they were trying to start making games. Holy crap, copy much? I'm going to bury you clowns. Most of these guys can't find a job and they are looking for some magic to occur and win the games lottery like Five Nights at Freddy's or something.

Even if I don't beat these clowns, I still win because I'm PAYING artists to work while everyone else is crying about being poor. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA die alone fags while I actually work for my shit and pay dues like a boss


I am the best troll on the Internet; I am better than that skinny faggit Deadmau5. So far, two "people" have blocked me from posting on their dumb accounts because I called them out for crying like little bitches on Newgrounds. You dumb fucking artists cry like bitches just because you lose your job or your girlfriend or get a C- in school...you should be joining Drunk Pony Studios so that I can make your life better. But I don't like crybabies, so fuck off.

My game is coming along nicely - I am doing more storyline today and an asset list. What are you doing today? Probably crying because you haven't gotten hired by Konami or Nickelodeon yet. Bitch ass.

Actually, I know someone who works at Nickelodeon, no troll. I could probably get you an interview. BUT I WON'T because you're a fucking CRYBABY AHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAA

The artists that are drawing my ideas for the first Drunk Pony Studios game are doing great work. The storyline is progressing, but I can't think of a goddamn title for the fucking game. It would be easy if I was doing cliches and fucking copying other fucking games, but me having to be original and think of fucking original shit is making my life difficult.

It's cool cuz I probably have a few months before the game will be anywhere near done any damn way but still. GOD GIMME A FUCKING FUCKING TITLE TO MY FUCKING GAME

I'm drunk in a Starbuks in the middle of the afternoon. I don't really love any of you. I'm still sober enough to realize it's the Bud Light talking.

looking for artists, programmers

PAID FUCKING JOB, DORKS. Looking for a character designer/animator/maybe programmer for a game to be marketed on Steam. Paid fucking job.

I already have some people working on this, but I am going to continue to put this listing up until the project is finished. Bottom line is I want this game done & animators tend to drop out without notice, so if you have a great idea for backgrounds/character designs/animation as you read the storyline, feel free to submit. If the idea is great and MORE IMPORTANTLY you have the discipline to FINISH the project, you'll get paid.

I pay nothing for half done work. This is a four level game - if you do two levels and drop out, you get nothing because I can't use that at all. Complete work gets the paycheck and the marketing that I'm putting my money behind.

If any of the guys who are already working on this project see this, this is NOT a diss at you guys. Just like I said, I'm putting this up until the work gets finished. If you guys are the ones who do it, then you're the ones who get paid. No hard feelings.

Below is the almost finished version of the storyline. If you are an animator/character designer/programmer & this makes you wet in your happy place, PM me on NG. Poniiboi, bitch.
Game Title: Undecided

Gameplay: 90s 2D sidescrolling beat em up a la Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon

Main Characters:

Professor Christopher Economy, 29 year old black history professor. Married to Jasey Jennifer for 4 years, loved by all his students, hated by his neighbors for an unknown reason. He is an upstanding citizen. Balance character.

Jasey Jennifer, 23 year old yogi and painter, black woman. Married to Economy. Speed character.

The Forbidden, the mysterious 16 year old blonde, white head cheerleader from the neighborhood high school. Babysits Economy's son, Jason. All attacks demonic/Satanic in nature. Her look is a mix between Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5 and Jessica Nigri cosplaying the zombie cheerleader girl. Power character.

The World: Economy, Jasey and Jason are the only normal things in the world. Everything else has a slightly demonic, surreal quality to it, with the negative attention focused on Economy, Jasey and Jason. The point is to show that the world that these three live in hates them. However, the horror is somewhat subtle. For instance, the trees have frowns in their bark and wrinkles. The people in the background frown when Economy or Jasey walk by in the game. The animals run away from them. The clouds form frowny face shapes or middle fingers or gravestones. However, there is nothing overt or to the point of caricature. The cumulative effect is that the player should feel put upon and heavy although there is no real single thing to point to in the atmosphere. This is the same kind of character design that should be applied to The Forbidden as well.


29 year old Professor Christopher Economy and 23 year old yogi/painter Jasey Jennifer live together as husband and wife with their 2 year old son Jason. One day, they come home to find their window smashed and their son missing with a note attached to his crib. The note also says that Jason will be killed if a million dollar ransom is not paid. The kidnappers accentuate this point by attaching a picture of a crying Jason with a gun to his head. He has a cut on his finger. Though the room is dark in the picture, there are ominous Illuminati symbols in the background. There is a blood note scrawled along the bottom of the picture, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID." The implication is that the kidnappers traced the blood note out of Jason's blood.

As Economy is trying to figure out who might have written this note, Jasey is calling the police. The detective on the other end seems uninterested and finally ends the conversation by saying, "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID." Faint laughter is heard from what Jasey assumes are other officers in the room.


Looking like an idiot for art

2015-05-21 20:44:51 by Poniiboi

In order to get some cool combos for the beat em up game I'm doing, I recorded myself doing karate live so they could animate my movements. I wonder if this will ever come back to haunt me. Neighbors already looking at me funny. Fuck em, I never like their ass anyway.

No, I'm not showing you any of it. The moral of the story is, you have to look like an idiot for art sometimes.