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Stark Toons is an Idiot

2015-05-20 06:14:30 by Poniiboi

Recently, Starktoons acted like the bitch he is and posted my Collaboration from NG on Twitter, saying "WHY IS NO ONE WORKING FOR THIS GUY?" trying to make fun of my colloquial language and jokingly harsh tone when asking for animators. I wouldn't worry about this at all, but it's 5 AM and I need some morning activity to jog my mind before getting down to real work. So I'll have fun and put it in a news post.

There are so many things wrong with this idiot putting my post on Twitter because he doesn't like my language, and I'll list a few of those things here.

1. The assumption that he made that no one is working WITH me is false. TOO BAD SO SAD BITCH I am now working with three artists, all of whom know how I really speak when on a job -- like a normal person. I talk crap on NG cuz that's what I do. When I finally meet people who can take a joke but are also serious about putting out a killer project and making money, my tone changes accordingly.

2. I've put up projects before, and @starktoons never responds to the actual POSTING. Why the fuck would you take the time to respond to the language I use but never respond to the money I want to pay? Seems stupid from my end. 

2a. I'm GLAD he didn't respond as an artist. I can't stand people who just re-do Ren and Stimpy's entire style and call it original art.

3. The entire way he reacted is just indicative of the ego of animators. MOST animators. The artists who saw I was joking and got to the point, getting down to work so that we can make a great project and get paid, obviously do NOT have this attitude. However, most of you do. You'd rather have someone kiss your fucking ass than actually make a career out of what you love to do. Your ego is killing your craft, and if you act like @starktoons, you might want to consider re-assessing your perspective on life.

I've had animators drop out of paid projects after accepting the work. As soon as I talk about paying them, I don't hear from them any more. What the hell is that shit? That's why I worded my Collaboration the way I did. I'm one of the few guys who has worked my ass off to have an actual BUDGET for a game that I want to put on Steam and get a real studio started, and you guys wanna play around making little 2 minute iOS games that you don't even put on iOS?

It all works out for the best, because Stark Toons would have fucked  up my idea AND most likely quit in the middle of the project with no forewarning to go and draw stupid shit for himself. Maybe that's why he's copying off of Kevin Smith for free instead of making original projects that pay.

Don't be a dumbass like Stark Toons. Realize I'm kidding when I talk harsh, and don't fucking turn down money to draw a Ren and Stimpy version of Jay and Silent Bob for free.

I need a professional sprite and background artist. I'm doing a 2D tribute game to the 90s beat em ups like Final Fight/Double Dragon. It will also have a lot of social commentary, so don't apply if you're fucking racist.

I want this game to end up on Steam and I will market it heavily.

3 characters, approx. 500 frames per character. 4 stages, need backgrounds.
If you don't finish the entire project, you don't get paid. Halfway is no good to me. I need a consistent art style.

Contact me on NG if interested.

I give all of your fags the business in the latest Poniishow.

May 19th is Poniiday. #51915

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I made a video about it for whatever reason. Promoting yourself is shit. I wish I could just make music, but hey, I wish I could suck on Ashley Pridgen's pre-boob reduction tits for the rest of my life also. Adulthood is about getting over fantasies.

Promoting Music with Videos about Celebrities like Madonna and Drake

This kind of video seems to be popular, so I did one remixing the Rock lip syncing Taylor Swift. Will do more if it's popular. Won't do more if it's not. 

Poniiboi remixes Dwayne Johnson remixes Taylor Swift "Shake It Off"


2015-04-05 23:56:13 by Poniiboi


You can't stop me

I did a remix of the most awesome song of the 80s

Uploaded new song AND podcast

2015-03-26 12:57:54 by Poniiboi

I decided to move forward with the podcast as well as upload a new song. This is going to be CLASSIC.

UMakeMeFeel (house classic)

The Poniishow Audio Podcast Ep 1


Also, thanks for putting King Kunta, my Kendrick Lamar song from To Pimp a Butterfly, on the popular audio list. The haters will never win.



DJing Kendrick Lamar Remix

2015-03-24 11:09:56 by Poniiboi

Ahead of my podcast that will be on Twitch later today, here is the video of my tech demo podcast as I was spinning the Poniiboi Kendrick Larar remix of "King Kunta."


The First Poniishow on Twitch

2015-03-21 11:22:46 by Poniiboi

This was an embarrassing endeavor - I was nervous as all hell. Completely lost it on the mic. However, I did drop an exclusive Kendrick Lamar remix that is only coming out on this episode this weekend.


Future shows will be better because I won't be a nervous wreck who does shows without showering, lol.