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The Poniishow is going to Twitch and Youtube!

I finally got it all together - got the two Logitech webcams, the Yeti, the Pioneer DDJ-SX, and I am going to start a music podcast on Twitch (twitch.tv/poniiboi). The format will be NEW ELECTRONIC MUSIC, meaning that I'm going to feature a lot of Newgrounds artists, even the ones who sided against me in the war against the bitch ass mods, if their music is good, because I'm more mature than all of you.

Right now on the channel I have a bunch of dumbass videos up there because I hit the stream button by accident when I was still setting stuff up. So if you want to see me look like an idiot before the podcast really starts, head over to Twitch.tv/poniiboi right now and check out the failz!

This is going to kick ass. I have a big mouth and a large opinion and finally I'm gonna voice it on all of your asses. FUN FUN FUN TIL YOUR DADDY TAKES THE T-BIRD AWAY


17 new songs

2015-03-05 18:33:59 by Poniiboi


Beastie Boys Remix

2015-02-24 17:32:06 by Poniiboi

Yeah, you're welcome.


I wonder if podcast? Hm...

2015-02-20 13:26:32 by Poniiboi

I wonder if I should bring the Poniishow to NG. It might hurt depressed people's feelings. There are folks who can't stand me here, and if I started destroying them on a podcast, they might kill themselves. They've talked about it on their Youtube channels, whining that no one gave them any money for music. LMAO Then again...it might do the world some good.

If I made it political, I don't think the poli boards would be able to handle it. Those morons kick out anyone who doesn't agree with them, but they wouldn't be able to touch the podcast. I think they'd kill themselves too. LOL

While I determine whether to cause mass NG suicide, check out my music podcast here: http://soundcloud.com/poniishow

The new song features a sexy singer from Minnesota and will only be coming out on Newgrounds. The singer is Roslyn Moore. She may put it on her album; I don't know yet.

I continue to fuck over the BBS mods with my successes. Please continue to destroy their lives by sharing Poniimusic.



12 year old haters are mad that I came back on NG after a hiatus and hit the popular audio stream. Look, don't get mad just because I destroyed your ass on the politics forums and the loser BBS mods kicked me out because I was too smart. Just upgrade your perspective on life.

Thank you to all the people who are enjoying my new release, downloading it, and committing all sorts of violent acts in its name. Let's Get It.


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It has been a while since I have posted here, but I figured it was long enough because this is the site where I started. I think it's pretty cool that this site was where my career first started just like xKore and Fox Stevenson. NG is also the reason I have people as big as Stamper and Ephixa subscribed to my Youtube channel (although I haven't put anything really cool up on that channel in a while).

I don't think that people should leave NG behind. Like xKore and Fox don't post here any more. Why not? I heard Soulja Boy was an NGer also. I don't get why people think they have to leave the site behind just because they get a bigger audience or whatever. So I have put my latest single out here for DL, although it's up on Beatport and iTunes as well.


Here's to sharing more successes with NG in 2015. With all except the faggy BBS mods. They can eat a dick. Do NOT come to Poniishows when I'm in your town. Everybody else is awesome! Join me on the other social networks.





Decapitating BBS Mods

2014-10-03 10:47:08 by Poniiboi

This post has nothing to do with those faggy ass mods, but I know that title will get more attention than, "OMG! New song up!" So yeah, whatever.

But the song is good, really. It's electrohaujs (yes, that's how I spell it), it's called UMakeMeFeel, and it's the first song on the new Poniihaujs EP so suck it nerd. I might leave it up for download or I might not when I start emailling labels and DJs, so get it now or suffer not having it.


Newgrounds is the new Facebook

2014-09-26 13:00:04 by Poniiboi

Facebook is just a horrible platform, so I will be using Newgrounds like Facebook from now on. That means more content! Whoop whoop

I had friends from Switzerland over and I now have a legit Swiss army knife straight from a Swiss army person. So no more messing with me, got it?

The music is here! http://soundcloud.com/poniiboi

"Poniiboi, calm down"

2014-08-25 04:40:35 by Poniiboi

LOL ru kidding me? Life is good when you turn up the dial to 11. You get people who don't understand it, but they will always lurk in the shadows of their own self-inhibition. It's good to be on the other side...there's lots of fun, monehy and chicks to be had over here.

The Poniiboi presence continues to grow in the real world and online. There is a new mix on the Poniiboi Soundcloud page. http://soundcloud.com/poniiboi

I have also bought camera gear and lights and a green screen to start doing videos, so the Poniiboi Youtube channel is going to get some great content. http://youtube.com/poniiboi

My Facebook page got deleted, so I started a new one. Like it. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Poniiboi/1534239493457287?ref=hl

I continue to destroy my enemies and suckle at the beautiful areola of the DD breast of life. *suckle suckle*