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I continue to thrive amidst the forces of evil (faggy BBS mods)

2014-07-28 04:37:40 by Poniiboi

How does it feel to know that you cannot moderate a successful life, you pieces of faggy shit? AHAHAHAHAHA

Florida felt the wrath of the Ponii's music and great after party times were had. If you hear of the Ponii coming to your town, you would do well to find yourself at that show. Guys, you will get laid. Girls, you might get laid by the Ponii himself!!




Posting music again on NG

2014-07-12 12:20:48 by Poniiboi

I will probably begin posting music again on NG in a strategy that I call "spam the living crap out of everything online in order to get more exposure."

The BBS mods still suck balls, but they can't do anything except use Tor to make my stars go down. However, they can't stop plays and me getting on the front page of the music section like I used to do every week when I was posting! HAHA bitches I'm living life and you're doing nothing

NG is also quite difficult to post to because of the space limitations and sometimes the site just fucks up when I upload a song. I'll work around it, however. 

I might start rapping again too if someone has a contest. We'll see.


Coming at you from Atlanta, where I just played a show and got layyd

New logo, new gigs, new music, new distribution to Beatport, new everything. Poniiboi 2.0.

Experience the goodness.


I am currently on tour in Denver laughing at the BBS mods who only have their ability to fuck with people on the Newgrounds boards to mask the uselessness of their lives.

Check new Poniiboi songs and podcasts!



Funny actions

2014-05-27 19:20:35 by Poniiboi

Hilarious how when you actually offer money on Newgrounds people get LESS professional.

*waits for comments about it not being about the money*

Nobody said it was. LOL you guys are scared to be successful

Fuck the BBS mods. The war will never end. LOL

Just got done playing in Mobile and doing a girl in the bathroom. Hope it wasn't your sister.

But seriously, the reason you're here is because of new Poniistuff, and there's plenty of it. http://soundcloud.com/poniiboi

For those of you who are under a rock, aside from cultivating a musical career, I also do a podcast. This podcast is normally focused on musical topics and talking shit about the sellouts who are making money in the EDM industry like Hardwell and Martin Garrix. You know, fun stuff.

This particular episode is more important because it concerns a topic that affects everyone on this site, even the useless BBS mods who deserve a slow death at the hands of child rapists. New regulations are coming down the pipe that may eventually shut down Newgrounds, because we all know Tom has no fucking money.

Listen to the pod and do something. It's up to you because we all know the fucking stupid BBS mods will be too busy banning people who have an opinion on this that differs from theirs.


...and even those people who didn't yet, you can expect TONS more requests. So make your comments good, please, so when promoters and people with money see them, they will book me so that I can get paid. Do you fucking understand?

Nod once for yes, nod twice for I smack your ass up




I just dropped by to tell the BBS mods how cool my life is continuing to become. I just recorded a singer who is going to Dallas to audition for a major label. I just got played on Rough House Radio by a DJ who is coming out with a song on Hardwell's label. I am also getting tour dates around the US and selling records on Trackitdown.

The Ponii rules and BBS mods drool. Continue to ban people to make your petty lives seem worth something! You will never be anything.

Everyone else, if you see the Ponii in your town, come holla at a playa! LMAO XD XD XD