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I am spinning tonight for my first residency. If this is the case, I might not even have time to post these messages telling the BBS mods that they have no life and that they are useless wastes of space - I'll be too busy getting laid EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again - thank you thank you THANK YOU to the retarded, closed minded BBS mods that kicked me off the boards so that I had to join real life. Life has been nothing but up since then. I've touched boobs, I've gained respect and I've made money doing what I love.

Kick all the rest of the talented people off of the boards so that they can join me in real life. LMAO LOSERS

Everyone who is not a BBS mod join the Ponii: http://facebook.com/poniimusic http://soundcloud.com/poniiboi


See ya on the other side of forever!

How is the life of BBS mods? No better? Mine is getting constantly better. Poniitrap EP out on Beatport, iTunes, etc. in March, Poniidub EP out in April sometime.

In talks to host weekly EDM night in my hometown. 

Tour schedule filling up. Just did Atlanta for the 2nd time in a month, going to VA next.

I must thank you mods for being douchebags because otherwise I'd probably still be on the politics boards discussing meaningless shit with you meaningless people instead of getting shit done in the real world.

Any Newgrounders that are not mods feel free to come to shows! If you're a mod, I'm kicking your ass physically, however. Or I'll just get the bouncers to do it. XD XD ajajajajajajajaja

Join the Poniirevolution! http://facebook.com/poniimusic

I have a lot of updates.

First of all, the Poniiboi summer tour is starting in Atlanta and moving through Texas and other spots in Georgia. I'm also working on North Carolina and Virginia currently.

I have a song that has been co-opted by Mad Decent. https://soundcloud.com/poniiboi/fatboyrumble

I have a new Poniiboi hip hop page. http://soundcloud.com/poniihop The first song on that page already has like 8000 views.

I started a record company, Miyamoto Music, and we will be releasing records from other dubstep artists in the very near future. If you want to submit, just email me here and I will forward the message to Xyndi, my office manager. She's also the A&R. If she likes it, then I listen. If she doesn't, then I don't. LOL

LOL LMAO XD XD XD at all the BBS mods thinking they run shit. The best revenge is success, you fat, useless bitches!! You don't matter to the world at all! How's that feel? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm continuing to work...gonna blow like xKore!!

Adding more tour dates, getting great songs in the studio AND my label is now putting records out on exclusive EDM platforms. The BBS mods are banning people for nothing and scratching their genitalia LMAO


If you are a dubstep or trap producer and you want to submit for release on Beatport, Trackitdown and Juno, PM me here.

https://soundcloud.com/poniiboi - over 6000 followers and 200,000 plays...COME GET YOU SOME

Yet another tour date set up

2014-01-14 13:13:06 by Poniiboi

LOL to all of the haters on the BBS boards and the fag mods who ban me...just stopped by to tell you that my real life is getting more and more wonderful as I add date after date to my summer tour. Have fun wanking it to the 3 girls that are on this site (2 of them are really guys)... and discussing politics that you'll never be a part of because you're losers!


I'm also putting out "I'm Alive" from SkillzMakeKillz, who is also better than all of you. XD XD XD 


Producers don't forget the SkillzMakeKillz remix contest! http://miyamotomusicinc.com/remix-contest


2014-01-12 21:26:56 by Poniiboi

Go here for details. http://miyamotomusicinc.com/remix-contest

One word: SkillzMakesKillz remix contest. Ok; that was like 12 words.


2014-01-11 13:20:37 by Poniiboi

Be Aggressive! Pop with some Modestep influence




I think all of the downloads are taken, so if they are, TOO BAD BITCH

Happy New Year OH WAIT

2013-12-30 20:05:21 by Poniiboi

I don't care. LMAO

The only thing I care about is getting more subs and getting people to buy my record when it comes out. THAT'S IT.




Don't be a dick

2013-12-18 19:55:58 by Poniiboi

Get your ass over to the Poniipage ----> https://www.facebook.com/poniimusic/app_220150904689418

You get 5 songs just for liking the page that aren't anywhere else on the Net.

All of the media outlets are reporting on the Sandy Hook game that Pigpen made like it's something serious, but we on NG know the inside baseball, which makes this absolutely hilarious to me.

Anyone who knows Pigpen knows that the media is playing right into his hands because he made the game for the reason of getting attention, and he succeeded yet again (he made a game about a previous shooting that got similar attention a few years ago). The man is a genius, hands down. I'd PAY him to build up my music brand.

What a bunch of clods and idiots the media are. Over and over they simply play up what they know to be the equivalent of a cheap laugh from a comedian because it gets ratings. And over and over everyone comments about how they know it's all a ratings ploy. Yet the game goes on.

It's hilarious to me and Pigpen deserves many kudos for mastering this game.