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the most popular post ever

2012-09-17 09:36:18 by Poniiboi

I just made the most popular post ever.

fuck warspawn, fuck docter cock cerebro, fuck julian. Just know that you made me do it. YOU made me do it because you didn't help me when I was cryin gout to you. Instead you kicked me. It's on your heads.


Livestreams are always fucking fucking fun

2012-09-14 19:47:15 by Poniiboi

For all you forever alone boys:

SkillzMakeKillz will be Livestreaming on Youtube at 9pm EST. The link is below. GO AT 9PM EST.

Subscribe to my channel as well.
SJD dubstep music videos

Finally done with the girl drama of last week. I'm closing the book officially and totally on Theresa. Time to find new women, although she remains a good friend. What's most difficult to take is that most of the mistakes in the relationship were mine. I played myself and I gotta get my pimp skills back.

HOWEVER! On the subject of starting anew:

BIG project in the works, full album from the new supergroup SJDMakesKills. The lawyers were finally able to work out all of the minute details in the arrangement. You will soon have a reason to delete the Skrillex from your iPod.

If you haven't subscribed to the SJD Youtube channel (CLICK HERE AND DO THAT), you are missing prime entertainment. I'm not like most music ppl who just throw up some graphic on Youtube to go with songs. I do full videos, and there's more coming. Subscribe so you don't miss out, cuz I can't knock on your damn door every time I do something, although I would like to!

Girl trouble

2012-09-07 06:45:30 by Poniiboi

So after watching RealFaction's shockingly honest videos about his life, it gave me some courage to spill shit out; hopefully this'll be cathartic.

So the girl Theresa to whom my first mixtape is dedicated (shameless plug...get it here!) came to visit me from California (I'm in Alabama, 2000 miles away). Important note: I didn't fly her out; she paid. We've been going Dutch on everything the whole trip. So it's not a golddigger thing. We had been planning this trip for months but when she finally came, she was dating another guy.

That's all fine, cuz I never gave her the girlfriend title, and she was honest with me the whole time about dating other people. She wanted to be my girlfriend for a long time but I didn't pull the trigger. We were both single, free to do whatever we wanted. It's just now that she's serious about somebody else, I think I am missing the emotional commitment that a girl gives when she is in love with you. I think I was using her as an emotional crutch.

It's good that this is happening because it forces me now to go form other relationships instead of relying on this one so much. It's bad that this is happening because most girls fucking suck and looking for new relationships is a bitch. Also, it is rather difficult having a hot girl in my house that won't let me fuck her :)

Before you go saying that I fully lost my pimp card, cuz I know half of people these days don't read, I'M NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING, and we were never official. So I'm not getting taken advantage of financially. Just maybe emotionally. Does that get girls off? I guess it does. I dunno.

I know I'm being a bitch. So yeah, if you want to put me on pimp suspension, I won't argue. But if I stop being a bitch, can I get pimp probation and time served?

I need to change my attitude so that I can take advantage of this situation. The weekend is coming up and there's nothing better for getting new girls than going out with a girl to a club. She's already agreed to be my wing girl. This has the potential to be a good weekend if I can keep my f***y emotional needs in check.

This is cathartic. I do feel better. Well, that's all good then. I feel better and I was able to share a mildly entertaining story. Wish me luck and lots of pussy this weekend.

My grandma had to go to the ER last nite...that's why I'm late on my new song that I said would be coming out @ midnite. However, it's here! Hope it's worth the wait.

It's very angry and evil, but that's how I deal with life's disappointments. Laugh and dance at my pain.

Almost 300 fans...sweet Jebus

2012-09-03 10:11:01 by Poniiboi

300th fan gets a free blowjob from my vacuum cleaner.
New song tomorrow at midnight (so I guess that's technically Wednesday). Hardcore party starter.

Almost 300 fans...sweet Jebus

I really think that Aaron Musslewhite has found a completely new sound for America. It's like an updated cross of Billy Joel and Phil Specter. Not the girlfriend killing part, the music making part. It's part dubstep, part pop, part electro, whatever. I don't really care about genre, but I know a lot of you do, so I had to describe it.

You should really check this song out, The Tempest. Here it is.

In other news...well, there is no other news. Subscribe to my music video channel.

omg dubstep

2012-08-29 05:50:14 by Poniiboi

New song Renegade [NG Cut] is up.

It's just a sample. IF YOU WANT THE WHOLE THING, GO TO
http://www.facebook.com/johnnydeanmusic/app_1780 91127385

i give up...haters...you win

2012-08-26 09:56:40 by Poniiboi

Sike. Fingers crossed.
NEW DUBHOP / ELECTRO SONG midnight Tuesday. A perfect go back to school song.